Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gurtzberry: Delicious grab-and-go

I guess the tweens and high school girls need a spot to do each other’s hair and talk about boys. Or about their dictatorial math teacher. Or the bitchy looks a girl gave them two months ago for a full two seconds. But I like Gurtzberry and prefer to skip out from the social lounge.

It’s a (I can’t believe I’m going to type this) cute place- a roomy place with a few colorful seats and artwork. The counter is clean, simple, and always staffed with a helpful employee. The fruit ingredients are freshly displayed without a hint of muddled maceration that old, bruised fruits have. The tart yogurt (delicious even when eaten plain) marries with your choice of fruit to create a sweet, nutritious, and fresh summer libation. This is my alternative to Lollicup (read another review about them).

At this visit, I chose a green tea smoothie with double mango and pineapple (you get three choices to blend into your concoction). My reasoning was that I’d get a mango green tea smoothie with a hint of pineapple sweetness. What I got was a pineapple green tea with just a whisper of mango- an excellent culinary example of how certain ingredients disproportionately influence the outcome over others. Note to self- no pineapple unless other ingredients are sour. Delicious, nonetheless.

IN A NUTSHELL: Great smoothies and frozen yogurts at a moderate price. If you’re a spring chicken (which, alas, I’m not anymore) it’s your hangout spot as well. Set on a side-street of trendy Park Avenue, it’s perfect for something light and refreshing while you window-shop in the neighborhood.
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  1. you should check out mix frozen yogurt by ucf!

  2. if i'm in the area, i'll take you up on it!