Friday, April 1, 2011

Jimmy Hula’s: Disappointing for such a prime location

If real estate is what businesses look at before venturing in, Jimmy has it. Located on busy Aloma, across from the busy shopping center that has Whole foods, Jimmy has a very inviting feel from the exterior. You didn’t have to twist my arm hard enough to visit them just weeks after they opened.

Unfortunately, that’s where the fairy tale ends. I did my homework and I was aware that a) you had to order up at the counter and b) the prices are cheap. So, even knowing this, how could the experience be so lacking?

First, the math- Teriyaki Beef Taco with Creamy Teriyaki Sauce $3.29, the El Diablo Burger $6.59, the Veggie Jim-Bob kabob $4.99, and a South Beach Fruit Salad $6.29. LandShark beer was $3.25 a bottle.

The Teriyaki Taco was modest. Too modest. Heck, I couldn’t even see the SMALL pieces of beef that were blanked by shredded cabbage! To even get an appropriate picture for this, I intentionally kicked off some of the cabbage in the corner of the taco to show you the mediocre quantity of beef at the very bottom.
Which begs the question- when everyone else is focused on satiating portions, why doesn’t Jimmy charge… say, $5 for a taco and actually make it decent? I guess I could’ve order more than one, but it was my first time and biting into it didn’t make me crave another either- nothing exceptional, in short.

The El Diablo was laughable- the menu states ‘try it if you dare’. LOL. People accustomed and looking for spicy options will add MORE HOT SAUCE upon being seated. And if the adjoining picture for this one doesn’t really bring it home- it was such a lonesome little burger- there were no automatic sides for a burger at $6.59.
Even so, I would have been fine if the burger was stellar- unfortunately, the jalapenos looked like fried okra. The burger was creamy but there should have been more Sriracha especially if you’re going to advertise spiciness. The onions, lettuce, and tomato were fresh and juicy (bear with me, I’m trying to find a silver lining in all of this).

I think they got away with murder on the kabob. ONE PIECE OF PINEAPPLE PER SKEWER. Really?
There’s a difference between being cheap versus being A CHEAPO. Wait, there’s more- the small portions of rice wouldn’t even satisfy your 10yr old. The teriyaki sauce drizzled over did tie the dish together, but I really wish their kabobs were more substantial rather than just cut up pieces of grilled onions, bell peppers, tomatoes. Is their creativity so myopic?

The South Beach Salad was tasty. FINALLY.
The ingredients sang in my mouth and it was truly delicious. It would have been a bonus if the dressing was in-house… but I can bet you money that it was Ken’s Raspberry Vinaigrette that was just poured out of a tub or jar.

IN A NUTSHELL- This place is tragic in it’s portion size. At the day that I was there, they were out of take out menus and Iced Tea. Being in this industry, this didn’t bother me but others may state that they should have their business in order before opening to the public. Also, the flavors are not spectacular. A triple sucker-punch. For a more satiating lunch, Tijuana Flats across the street will more than fill 2 people up on $26 (my bill at Jimmy’s). Unless they regroup their vision, charge a little more, and put something more promising, I don’t recommend it. Which is a dismal thought when you’re located on such a good spot on the strip.
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