Saturday, April 24, 2010


Anna’s is cathartic. This is the only word that comes to mind post-dining that truly sums up the experience. After a very long time, I have stumbled upon a place so worthy of kudos. Do you know the feeling you get when something deep down in your soul says “This is special”? Well, this is one of those moments. After having my taste buds electrocuted back to life, truly, I came very close to finding the Olympian of Restaurants. Read on… this blog is a must.

Upon arriving, I was a little shocked how small the place was- about 15 tables max. I took my seat and ordered pierogis right away. Watching years of Martha Stewart (née Kostyra) does that to you. A plate filled with them appeared 10 mins later. They were boiled with a caramelized onion oil drizzled on top. A duet of potato-and-cheese and pork dumplings, they were delicious. It was at this time I had realized that I had stumbled upon a gold mine. I proceeded with extreme caution towards the main course- surely, with a starter this good, you almost wince in fear that the rest would only lead to disappointment.

The main course DID NOT disappoint. Rather, it only took my tongue (leashed to my brain and belly) to another stratosphere. Pyzy- yes, a word without vowels only wows. Sublime, the next American Idol, the lost Arc of the Covenant… call it what you want, this dish certainly threw my tongue into a mini orgasm. Potato dumplings stuffed with pork, it was different from the pierogi. Soft yet with enough structure to encase the meat it bore, these Silesian dumplings smothered in mushroom sauce are the equivalent of Soul Food. If my brain ignored satiation, I would have ordered this dish over and over again.

It is worth mentioning the side items at this establishment. Of notable attention is the beet root salad. Beet lovers, YOU ARE FORBIDDEN from passing this up. EXQUISTELY CRIMSON! And oh so delicious. Another star was the cucumber salad- such freshness from thinly sliced cucumber and sour cream can ONLY BE GENERATED IF HIGH STANDARDS OF FRESHNESS ARE KEPT. Cucumber being so sensitive to the elements, I quickly noted that they were sliced very recently and marinated in dressing just before serving to preserve the subtle crunch and sweetness. As far as the beet salad, it’s the best in town with the appealing color (another attribute to freshness) and texture.

Impressed would be a down play of what I felt. Gratitude would be more accurate. Anna treated us to a trio of desserts that were all homemade. The Nalesniki were divine and the clear front runner in an otherwise very good dessert platter. The Pychotka with walnuts were also good. Somewhere, Martha is smiling.

We left with congratulating and thanking Anna. She needs some kitchen help. I felt a little sympathetic to her work life as she is there from 6am to 2am every night! Please connect with her if you can ease her burden. Her son works the front of house- he would be the one to get a hold of.

IN A NUTSHELL- A GOLD MINE. Anna has nailed Polish food with her primary ingredient- love. I rate this place very high. It’s up to her son’s business skills to take her talent to the next level. After having the opportunity to interview her, I believe this place has the potential to become major.
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  1. I wonder how my experience will be. Being a nerd, I play cards at a place that is in the same plaza, and thus am near Annas every Wednesday night. But I have never been.

    I am finally visiting tomorrow (Friday July 10th) with Dan and we will be FURIOUSLY reviewing it. Hopefully my experience will mirror yours.

    I hope.

    If not I can always go play Magic the Gathering afterwards hehe

  2. LOL, now that's the full picture.
    I thought that there was a Full Sail, or Everest campus branch in the complex to justify the young people hanging out outside.
    Anna's is good. I even took my parents the next time I visited.
    I'd save some room for dessert if I were you.