Friday, April 16, 2010

Linda’s Winter Park Diner: Why, Linda, Why?

Linda’s is located on prime real estate right on Fairbanks, yet its food is so saddening. Bland, cheap and made like a roughage stop, Linda’s diner fails reasoning why a diner in a good location for business would succumb to such low standards.

First off, as a “classic” diner, this place only accepts cash. Don’t even think about swiping your plastic over some pre-Cambrian era cash register. Being promptly seated, I ordered the meatloaf with mashed potatoes as a side. The meatloaf was standard and satisfactory but definitely not something to write home about. What I did find objection to was the mashed potatoes- clearly this was powdered, reconstituted crap that you get from a box. Why, Linda, why? For the sake of a few dollars, you really had to stoop to this?

On a positive note, the service was good and well received. Several waitresses checked on us and kept topping-off our iced-tea and coffee. It was appreciated.

IN A NUTSHELL- A definite roughage stop. But you can find tastier roughage stops until Linda takes a hint.
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