Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bikkuri: Good Sushi, Good View, Dream of Burmese dishes for the future

“Ooo, a restaurant upstairs overlooking Colonial”- that’s about what you’ll say when you pass Bikkuri. In actuality, the restaurant is the entire building. The dine-in just happens to be upstairs.
Happy hour- that’s the name of the game. 2 for 1 beers, $1 select cocktails (yes, a full bar) and $1 on select sushi. Alas, I was there around 8pm and completely missed out on the fun (never again). I opted for a booth by the window (it’s great to see Colonial – by far one of the busiest highways in Orlando from a different angle) and took the server's suggestion of a Crispy Dragon Roll ($9.99) and a Sushi Combo Roll ($6.99). To try something non-sushi, the Fried Udon Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables ($10.75) was also recommended.

The Crispy Dragon Roll- fried shrimp, caviar, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, chili sauce- was good. All the ingredients were present and accounted for… I just wished they added a touch more of the caviar… it would have raised the dish higher. I liked the chili sauce dotted on each piece. The Sushi Combo- imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber (California Roll) with salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber (Philadelphia Roll)- was good too. Of the two, the Philly Roll tastes better- fresh ingredients interacted well with the cream cheese and rice combination. Not truly authentic Japanese, but delicious anyway.


The Udon dish… mmm… (see the picture of me kissing the bowl and ravaging it of every drop of the sauce) was amazing. More on the salty side, it made up for flavor in a very big way. Purple onions and some seriously perfect Udon noodles hugged a SUBLIME brown broth reduction. Although my suspicion is that they came from a box, it cannot be denied that they were cooked and presented just right. Caramelized and juicy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside…. my mouth is already watering just thinking about it! Disappointingly, however, the vegetables in this dish (carrots and broccoli) were undercooked while the Chicken was slightly overcooked- a sure sign that their prep-work need to be tweaked just a bit. An excessive garnishing of cilantro was unnecessary.
This place is a definite go… however, I have put some things in a numbered list for you to keep in mind:
1) They don’t believe in spell-check or grammar. Menu’s have edamame listed as ‘edamade’… among others. LOL. It’s cool though.
2) Take-out is downstairs. Don’t climb up just to walk back down.
3) There’s a lounge/dance floor space as well. It can be rented. Prices are negotiable depending whether you are catering from them also.
4) LUNCH SPECIALS are from 11a-3p. They offer Bento boxes of rolls and nigiri combinations that range from $8.99 - $10.99.
5) LARGE PARTIES will enjoy their ‘TRAYS’ which range from $23.99- $62.99. A combination of sushi and nigiri, you will have to pick out which ones you want from a list. Slightly expensive items will have a surcharge of $2- $3 extra per item.
6) Unfortunately, NOT ALL THEY ADVERTISE IS OFFERED. I saved my appetite for some GINGER ICECREAM and an unusual ICE SALAD (an assortment of beans, jelly, saved ice, and condensed milk) but was dismayed to find out both were discontinued.
7) The service is good and pleasant. They work together so don’t be alarmed if you are waited on more than one charming girl.
8) As a personal request, CLAMOR FOR BURMESE DISHES! This type of cuisine is rare in Orlando… but I promise, ORLANDO WILL LIKE THEM!

IN A NUTSHELL: The sushi’s decent. The chefs and owners are Burmese- I think if they took a chance and opened a Burmese eatery, they would make a WHILE LOT MORE MOLA! Talk about having monopoly on an entire type of cuisine! In the mean time, enjoy happy hour with an interesting angle over Colonial Drive.
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