Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Porkie’s Original Barbeque: When in Apopka

Porkie’s is located in the hub (i.e. Main Street/U.S. 441) of Apopka. I stopped by last week for a quick bite before tubing down Rock Springs. It’s a no-frills joint- and I like it that way when it comes to southern barbeque. My concern, and so should yours, was only how good the bbq would taste.
They didn’t disappoint. I had a Lunch Special for $8.50, which entailed a pulled pork sandwich, a choice of 2 sides, and included a non-alcoholic drink. Judiciously heaped, compressed pork on a soft bun completed the task of my satiation. The meat itself was flavorful of charred smoke and was slightly on the drier side. The sides- we ordered 2 separate plates- were good too (mac-n-cheese, bbq beans, and seasoned taters).
I did, however, LOVE the collard greens. They were cooked perfectly- slowly rendered for several hours with generous amounts of pork, it was soft and each bite was absent of that tough plant fiber which ideally shouldn’t belong in there anyway. They also gave me some pepper vinegar to douse the collards with. It imparted a tart and spicy twist to an already delicious side.

The service was exceptional. Granted that they weren’t packed, at least two different staff members stopped by each table to check and see if everything was working well. On another note, they have a variety of sauces- including that Carolina vinegar kind… I call it ‘dip’. Ranging from mild-sweet to xxx, they were all good but not too sweet. I actually liked that, but some southern boys would probably care for the sauce to be sweeter.

IN A NUTSHELL: Reasonable price-points for good food. Staff members are friendly and will gladly assist you in narrowing down your choices when they ring-up your order at the counter. Try the different sauces they have- chili-heads will love the mean, spicy ones.
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