Monday, May 2, 2011

Shipyard Emporium Market, Bakery, Brew Pub- A Marriage of Food and Beer

I actually stepped into this establishment to kill time. I really wasn’t hungry, but my sources told me that Shipyard Emporium did have a good selection of craft beers. And ice-cold Beer, especially on a hot Florida afternoon, is something no man passes up freely.

The concept of this place is a mishmash of a market and a dining place. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the hostess stand with some baked bread samples. Behind our hostess, was a refrigerated display counter selling cheese, bread, and the like. For a very brief moment, it felt like Costco. But when I veered left towards the dining area, the feel changed into a Gastropub. And on the table, to assuage my doubts, was a beer menu. It was love at first sight- Craft Beers. The choices were varied, ordered, and perfectly described per their alcohol percentage and flavor profile. On the backside of the menu, there was a guide to tasting beer and appreciating it for all its unique qualities. Beer, evident, was the spotlight.

The Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat beer was my choice for the afternoon ($5/pint).
It fulfilled it’s job description- i.e., washed out the horrendous afternoon heat with a frothy smile on my face. I liked the floating blueberries that it came with- nice touch. Fruity and effervescent, it actually heightened my senses that the sun had baked thin.

I had a Pot Roast Flatbread for $10 to accompany my libation. Creamy, meaty, and cheesy- it’s hard to go wrong with this combination. The baked Gorgonzola crumbled atop the 10” flatbread imparted a tart zing with each bite.
The Criminis used in this dish played up the meaty qualities of the Pot Roast with a nutty finish. It seems that Criminis are becoming a rapid FLAVOR TREND FOR THE SEASON as they are becoming ubiquitous in many seasonal menus across the city (Teak and Finesse, among others). But it was the Bleu Cheese Dressing that formed the base of the flatbread that I found to be addictive like potato chips. I couldn’t help it! The flatbread was made quick work of in rapid gobbles.

Alas, after these darlings, I had to depart for chores delineated for the rest of the day. It felt like I was leaving too soon for some reason. Shipyard lures its clients like the safety of a harbor for long-lost sailors at sea. Balancing unique food options with equally unique beer, it definitely became a memorable afternoon.

IN A NUTSHELL: Wines and beer options change with the season and whim of master brewer Ron Raike (winner of numerous awards and a local figure in beer for over 20 years). Shipyard’s concept hails from Maine and presents a beer-focused profession (co-owner Allan Pugsley- yes, that’s his name- went over to England to learn under master brewers himself). For a serious brewski try the Double Old Thumper for a dry finish with a whopping 11.2% alcohol content. Difficulty choosing ‘the One’? A beer flight of 4oz samples of 4 different beers of your choice will ease the pressure. Go to kill time. Go to drink beer. Go to eat some tasty food. It’s all here.
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